Saturday, January 1, 2011

Tarbush Restaurant : Lebanese Delicacies

We're about to heading to for New Year 2011 celebration before one of us suggest to have our dinner first. Five of us agreed since there is about two hours to midnight at 1200am of 010111.Riding Volkswagen Golf Gti, we headed to Changkat, Bukit Bintang to search for a place to dine.

There were a lot of cars and people along the road at Bukit Bintang. Jammed and packed. We decided to park the car at pavilion and walk, it is much convenient. Oh, how suddenly we decide to go to Bukit Bintang ? We just follow the driver. haha

Pavilion is packed with people, an event by flyfm make it more worst until there is no space for us to get through to the other side of road but to huddle in a crowd of people(mostly students of primary and secondary).

We make it to the other side alive ! haha we walked and stop infront of Tarbush Restaurant. Unplanned plan I can say. we just walk around and suddenly made decision to get into the restaurant.

We asked a table for five and here we are in Tarbush Restaurant.Tarbush Restaurant served one of an accessible, authentic and fine Middle Eastern cuisine.

Five of us were like, “amused” by the radiant interior design of the restaurant with the arabic sound boom around make us wanna dance. hahaha low lightings in that restaurant creates a warmer atmosphere. perfect for chill out and relax. We are placed at second tiers of the building (non smoking area). The ground floor is occupied for smoking area. But I think ground floor have more beautiful decoration than second floor.

Since this is our first time, we took a long time to choose our course. This is my first time eating middle eastearn food, I mean the 'heavy' one. Before this is I've tried Muttabal and Kebab at Jalan Damai, Ampang.

So here is our order :

At first we are about to order for Muttabal with meat for the starter or appetizer but the waiter came out with a better suggestion, Hommous Meat.

Hommous Meat , middle easter bread (I don't know what they called 'em) with a sauce similiar to mayonnese that made from garlic and potato with meat.
Good starter.

Fried Spring Chicken
1/2 fried chicken with fries. This is totally lame, you can get better taste at KFC. No spices tasted from the chicken. Just an bland fried chicken

Tarbush Mix Grill
This one is signature of Tarbush, meat-chicken-prawn all grilled.
The meat is so tender. I like it, with the unique taste of spices it was damn amazing.Fresh prawn but I don't like the chicken, the chicken is not cooked accordingly.

Mix Grill, same as above but without prawn

Briyani Chicken
1/2 chicken with Briyani
I don't like the rice, it taste more "bunga cengkih" than other spices.
the chicken is tender but the taste is just biasa biasa je

Sauteed Potato with Meet
Potato, onion, meat and cashew nut mix together. Tip top ! This is what I expect from the dishes that I haven't tried before. The meat is so tender, the taste are mix prefectly.

This is the view from second floor Tarbus Restaurant

Damn crowded.Packed ! like sardines in the tin.

and we bought this ;p

3 for RM 10

We only realized it is only about 10 to midnight right after we finished our dinner.We took a really long time for dinner.(But to me it's okay rather than be in the sea of people outside there.I hate damn crowded place).We just celebrate the end of 2010 in our own way, with the calm and soothing environment-sitting on the chair and had a nice chatting. haha So we decide to walk around first and there is fireworks once it's reach 1200am

Fireworks at Bukit Bintang;

we stop at pavilion first to grab for tutti fruitti gelato

and then only we went to Z.

TARBUSH, with the awesome ambience.

For people like me, ambience of a particular place is rather important.
I believe that the embience of a restaurant can somehow evokes one’s mood

Foods just okay. presentation of food average. but the satisfaction : great, you know when its about middle eastern dishes - they were likely give a mountain of everything in one plate.

Thanks to Azyad for treated us :) (i'm grateful for the friends who not greedy at all, we treat each other everytime we went out)

Till then
Live your life to the fullest
and Happy New Year 2011 :)

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Yellow Cab Pizza Co.

Hello people, sorry for the lack of update. Anyone here fans of pizza? Yeah! Let's pizza blanditiis

Few months back, my friends and I was heading to Ampang to visit our friends who was admitted at Ampang Puteri Specialist Hospital. On the way back, we planned to have our so called hi-tea at Oldtown White Coffee near the hospital, but then Afiq suggested us to try a new brand pizza in Malaysia, Yellow Cab Pizza Co. located around there.

So four of us agreed and we make our way to Yellow Cab Pizza. First thing that cross my mind when I arrived there is what makes Yellow Cab different from the others pizza outlets such as Pizza Hut, Dominos, Shakey’s and etc ? What is the specialty, because the taboo was there is no different in any pizza , they still looks and taste likes pizza minus the secret recipes and ingredients use to make it.

"When you want a great pizza, call a cab"

So we went to the counter and make a order. For first timer like us, we have doubt in choosing what the best to fill up our stomach ,then the ladies with the yellow shirt at the counter suggest us some favourite-most ordered pizza.

I let them choose whatever pizza they want, and they choose NY classic-beef pepperoni extra cheese while I hovering around the shop. At the wall, there were histories of birth of Pizza Yellow Cab Co that origin from Philipines if I’m not mistaken.

There are three size of pizza that Yellow Cab Co offer to their customers. 10” / 14” / 18” . If you wonder how the sizes look alike, let’s just imagine the size of rim that we usually use on our car. and we choose the largest size which is 18” !

Choose Your Size

At first we decided to have it at the restaurant but then we are in rush to the other places, so take away is yet the best option that we have that time- no time for the other food .

Besides pizza, they also served spaghetti and meatballs, pasta and baked potato not to forget homemade vanilla ice cream.

While waiting for the pizza to be done, we tried this kind of drink called Sola Iced Tea Drink-come in two flavours Raspberry and Lemon.Sola is the tasting iced tea that use only the finest natural fruit flavors and real tea. I have Raspberry for my drink.This drink only can be found here at Yellow Cab outlets only , as the pizza its origin from philipines too.



We took a long time to wait for the pizza to be done, about 30 minutes. We get our pizza and we have it in the car. munch munch yummy.

giant pizza !


What a big size ! The sight of 18 inches pizza is enough to satiate my hunger. I was able to consume just two square slices and I feel so full.

Thin crust pizza are alright - toppings are generous, the meaty and luscious crust is so tasty up to the last bite. The only thing that I hate about this food is that is composed of too much oil. I mean, a very too much ! When I hold it even with a tissue, my hands get too greasy. Even my lips do get oily. But other than that, this pizza is heaven’s sent for its enjoyable taste. All the meaty components and seasoning are blended perfectly to achieve a unique taste. The crust is thick and in overall, it is incomparable to neither Pizza Hut nor Shakey’s. The crust is uniquely crispy and chewy because it is created from special dough which is kept fresh. Even the sauce comes from real tomatoes and carefully selected herbs and spices. Their toppings are the special ones, what else would I ask for?

For the price sake, I can say - expensive. For the pizza only, it charges us around RM 60. But after all where else can I have this giant pizza other than Yellow Cab ? But to me, Yellow Cab is not my first choice, Dominos still the best when we want to talk about price and worthy ! I think if it is not about the oily part, Yellow Cab is up to #1.

the unique delivery vespa

Till then people :)