Saturday, February 13, 2010

Hokkaido : Seafood's Heaven

I love to eat and 2010 is just a right time to explore something new.Went to Hokkaido that located at Jalan Lumut,Pekeliling with bunch of great friends on New Year really made my day.

Hokkaido Seafood Restaurant
Jalan Lumut Pekeliling (Infront of Vistana Hotel)
Serve Chinese style cuisine
Chinese Halal Restaurant

Chicken Pineapple
Chicken cooked with soy sauce and pineapple
Rate : ****

Ikan Tiga Rasa
This is the BEST Ikan Tiga Rasa I've ever tried.Cukup rasa masam,manis pedas !Perfect!
Rate : *****

Tauchu Sizzling
Tauchu cooked with soy sauce and mushroom
Rate : ****1/2

Chili Crab

Marvelous !I like the sepit part !

Rate: ****1/2

Sotong Goreng Tepung

Squid fried with flour

Rate: ***1/2

Butter Prawn

I ate almost half of it :D

Rate: *****

I am sure you will satisfied with the food because I called it as Seafood's Heaven !

Food Bloging

Its been a months since last I updated this blog.Hectic days as a student really kick my ass out and I even doesn't have an apple of time to sit and do blogging.As there are also nothing to story about, I put this blog on silence for a long time.

Because of that I've decide to make this black blog as a food review blog.As for a few months ago, there were many restaurant I've been and its really kick my taste bud to max.

Please do enjoy yourself and feel free to comment.